Samsung agrees to buy Harman for $8 Billion Deal

The next big thing is considered to be smart cars and the companies that doesn’t belong in the automotive space, trying to take advantage of them. Samsung makes a bigger step by announcing the acquisition of Harman International Industries for $8 billion. This is one of the largest acquisitions in the technology sector. The Korean giant pays in cash and gives 112 dollars per share. The Harman is one of

Samsung Successfully completes the first 5G network test

According to Samsung’s information office, the South-Korean giant completed the original 5G network trials in cooperation with China Mobile Research Institute. The two parties, collaborating on the development of 5G since last June. During the tests, which took place in Beijing, Samsung confirmed the good functioning two essential technologies for 5G. The first is the (spatial modulation), which is a method for increasing the rate at which data is transferred,

AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion

Within a week he had heard that the American giant telecommunications, AT & T, will proceed with the acquisition of Time Warner. Eventually the information confirmed and the AT & T made a bid of 85.4 billion dollars, the company that owns HBO, Warner CNN, Bros, DC Comics. AT & T and Time Warner to official confirm the deal, the first to provide $ 107.50 per share in cash and

The Importance of Vacation!

The importance and benefits of going on vacation Remember summer holidays as a kid? Being released from school and seeing nothing but weeks of freedom, sunshine and sandy sandwiches lying ahead?… It’s easy to forget that feeling as a working adult when heavy workloads and stress threaten to eat into our precious vacation days. Most people are owed a minimum number of vacation days a year but a lot of

Six daughters of industrialists who are taking India to the next level

They are 21st century Indian princesses, born with the metaphorical silver spoon in their mouths. With staggering personal wealth and doting dads and moms, these ladies rarely want for anything. But these spirited lasses are not ones to rest on their parents’ laurels. Armed with Ivy League degrees and loads of determination, these young ladies have started plotting their own journeys of success. Ananyashree Birla empowers women through Svatantra 22-year-old

3 Quick Ways To Get Recruitment Insights On LinkedIn

There are a number of well-documented industry trends that talent acquisition managers and recruiters still need to address if they are to successfully find, attract and ultimately recruit skilled talent. The growing mismatch between skills that companies need and the available talent, the fast-changing expectations of candidates and the huge advances in mobile and social technologies are just some of the major trends affecting the recruitment industry today, making talent acquisition

Facebook for Business

As a business, being on social media is a prerequisite for building your brand and following. You’ll set up a Twitter account and diligently tweet things that your audience might find valuable. You’ll probably have a LinkedIn page where professionals can discover your company. And then there’s Facebook. Facebook is the big one, and testament to its huge influence, its segmented its services quite heavily now, evident in the powerful

How you can actually make $10,000 a month sitting at home.

Life, as we know, is the greatest teacher of all. What the hard knocks and sleepless nights can teach us, no teacher could ever match with or without a cane. It is another matter how we choose to learn from life’s lessons. Take these eight individuals, for instance. They learned how to escape the tyranny of the 9 to 5 work cycle and instead teach themselves to earn sitting at home.

Google's real-time search algorithm updates.

Every update of Panda and Penguin in recent years has brought joy to some SEOs and sorrow to others. As the algorithms become real-time, the job of an SEO will become harder, and I wonder if Google has really thought of the consequences of these updates. So, what potential issues may arise as a result of faster algorithm updates? Troubleshooting algorithmic penalties Algorithmic penalties are a lot more difficult to troubleshoot than manual

Source Candidates Like a Pro in Three Simple Steps

Search Like a Pro in Three Simple Steps Want to search the Web like a Pro? Here is a fast way to get there. Searching the Web is not Rocket Science. Everyone can learn to search even for complex information, such as professional bios, quite efficiently, following the three steps that I am about to describe. And the good news is, you do not necessarily have to use advanced search