12 Hot Startups To Watch In India in 2016

We used CB Insights data to highlight 12 companies focused on fintech tech, digital health, food delivery, and more. Sequoia and Accel are among their backers. TWITTER LINKEDIN EMAIL POCKET FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ India is among the key tech markets globally. It ranks third among the top countries in the number of tech exits in 2015 and has sprouted dozens of prominent startups and attracted global investors, as seen in our recent Periodic Table of

Let's build our network together. Come join us to be the next social media expert!

  Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. While social networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Web to facilitate such connections is only now being fully recognized and exploited, through Web-based groups established for that purpose. Based on the six degrees of separation concept (the idea

Roljobs Hiring Frontend Developers

We are a team of world class recruiters using sophisticated technology. We’d love to have passionate developers in our team who can help us build bigger technology tools. If this sounds interesting to you, you can drop in to our office on 18th June 2016 anytime between 10 AM – 1 PM.   Image: Victors from Freepik

Learn how to source talents from social networks

Roljobs is hosting a free training session on sourcing candidates from various social networks. We have limited seats available, so book your slots right away! You can reach out to us at socialninjas@roljobs.com for further queries. We promise to be as responsive as possible.  

How To Use Instagram For Recruitment

You’re not using Instagram for recruitment? As an Instagram addict, let me try and persuade you to tap into its 400 million active users. So who uses Instagram? 26% of all online adults 53% of young online adults aged 18 – 29 …and they’re an active lot. 49% of users visit daily, which as you can see above is a lot more active than that platform you rely on for recruitment the most. (…and

How Hiring Process Can Be More Straightforward And Streamlined

It takes an average of 34 days to fill a job, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. And the bulk of that time is spent placing ads, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. Yet many companies struggle with the hiring process because of the vast amount of information that’s required to make informed decisions. If you own a company or are a corporate human resources manager, consider using some

Social Media is the Future of Hiring

Does your hiring process have a case of the Mondays? Recruiting software company Betterteam suggests it’s time to take your search to social. Through an Office Space-themed infographic, the company illustrates exactly how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with potential hires. Before you jump to conclusions, consider this: 75 percent of the people who might be great for your company aren’t actively job hunting. These passive

Top 25 Universities for Computer Science in the US

Top 25 Ranked Computer Science Programs with the Best Return on Investment (ROI) Students looking to maximize their earnings in the field of computer science should be concerned not only with attending a university highly regarded for its academic programs, but also should try to find computer science degrees with the best return on investment (ROI). Computer science is one of the highest paying professions in the world. The average

Whatsapp for Recruitment

Whatsapp is brilliant in these scenarios for several reasons: You can verify if the phone number still belongs to your prospect by checking the name and profile picture they have set on WhatsApp. You can see if your message was delivered and if it was read The person receiving the message can see your profile picture and judge if you’re legit before they decide to answer They don’t have to