The Importance of Vacation!

The importance and benefits of going on vacation Remember summer holidays as a kid? Being released from school and seeing nothing but weeks of freedom, sunshine and sandy sandwiches lying ahead?… It’s easy to forget that feeling as a working adult when heavy workloads and stress threaten to eat into our precious vacation days. Most people are owed a minimum number of vacation days a year but a lot of

3 Quick Ways To Get Recruitment Insights On LinkedIn

There are a number of well-documented industry trends that talent acquisition managers and recruiters still need to address if they are to successfully find, attract and ultimately recruit skilled talent. The growing mismatch between skills that companies need and the available talent, the fast-changing expectations of candidates and the huge advances in mobile and social technologies are just some of the major trends affecting the recruitment industry today, making talent acquisition

Source Candidates Like a Pro in Three Simple Steps

Search Like a Pro in Three Simple Steps Want to search the Web like a Pro? Here is a fast way to get there. Searching the Web is not Rocket Science. Everyone can learn to search even for complex information, such as professional bios, quite efficiently, following the three steps that I am about to describe. And the good news is, you do not necessarily have to use advanced search

Why should you invest in Employer Branding?

Why invest in Employer Branding? To remain competitive, companies must attract and retain talent through a powerful combination of recruitment marketing, talent management and HR analytics. Without the right mix, even the most prestigious brands can struggle to attract high-value talent. Widespread consensus about the definition of employer brand, yet key executives still not clear about its significance. Definition of employer brand: People’s perceptions of your brand as an employer

5 Recruiting Trends for 2016

Hiring forecasts for 2016 are bullish, and employers aiming to increase head count will be tasked with differentiating themselves from the competition in order to win talent. Experts predict many of the recruiting trends prevalent last year—branding, maximizing talent analytics, repairing the candidate experience and leveraging untapped sources of hire—will continue to resonate in 2016. “As the employment market continues to tighten, it will become increasingly difficult for employers to

Using Big Data to Recruit Big Talent

Talent analytics has entered the scene and is diversifying and enhancing HR leaders ability to benchmark. Employers can now sift through real-time data to identify how their company is succeeding in recruitment and where they may be lagging behind. This type of information, across all industries, is unrivaled in the advantage it gives HR leaders when creating compensatory packages designed to attract top candidates. As HR is evolving and becoming

Social Media is the Best Option for Finding the People You Need

In all likelihood, your organization’s marketing strategy includes a hefty social media portion. Your marketing folks probably post about events and special deals on Facebook, blog about new products and services, and use Twitter to interact with customers and fans. Whenever you have something to promote, chances are social media is one of the channels you use. What about recruiting? Are you utilizing social media to recruit talent? You should

7 Things EVERY Recruiter Should Be Tweeting About

Does the idea of tweeting as part of your daily work make you want to run for the hills? Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you’re ‘just not a Twitter person’? Sure, Twitter can be daunting if you’ve never used it before, but it can also be one of the best ways to build your personal brand and make a name for yourself in the recruitment industry. Today, we’re

How To Use Instagram For Recruitment

You’re not using Instagram for recruitment? As an Instagram addict, let me try and persuade you to tap into its 400 million active users. So who uses Instagram? 26% of all online adults 53% of young online adults aged 18 – 29 …and they’re an active lot. 49% of users visit daily, which as you can see above is a lot more active than that platform you rely on for recruitment the most. (…and

How Hiring Process Can Be More Straightforward And Streamlined

It takes an average of 34 days to fill a job, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. And the bulk of that time is spent placing ads, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. Yet many companies struggle with the hiring process because of the vast amount of information that’s required to make informed decisions. If you own a company or are a corporate human resources manager, consider using some