Social Media is the Future of Hiring

Does your hiring process have a case of the Mondays? Recruiting software company Betterteam suggests it’s time to take your search to social. Through an Office Space-themed infographic, the company illustrates exactly how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with potential hires. Before you jump to conclusions, consider this: 75 percent of the people who might be great for your company aren’t actively job hunting. These passive

Whatsapp for Recruitment

Whatsapp is brilliant in these scenarios for several reasons: You can verify if the phone number still belongs to your prospect by checking the name and profile picture they have set on WhatsApp. You can see if your message was delivered and if it was read The person receiving the message can see your profile picture and judge if you’re legit before they decide to answer They don’t have to

Engaging Your Candidates

Longer job vacancies and slower time-to-fill can derail an organization’s ability to reach business goals, making it imperative to have a robust talent pipeline at the ready to stay well connected to high-quality candidates. Technology, such as a recruitment marketing automation tool, mobile-optimized career sites, and a social media presence, can streamline processes and provide you with pools of warm talent from which to source when your organization is ready.

Recruiting trends to watch out for in 2016!

  The Top 12 Recruiting Trends That Will Become Dominant in 2016 Trend #12 – Anonymous resume screening and blind interviewing Why being aware of this trend is critical — because the recent strong push for hiring diverse people and STEM women occurred primarily in the technology industry, there has been much more emphasis on using a more scientific approach to diversity recruiting. As a result, more recruiting leaders have become aware