Social Media is the Future of Hiring

Social Media is the Future of Hiring

Does your hiring process have a case of the Mondays?

Recruiting software company Betterteam suggests it’s time to take your search to social. Through an Office Space-themed infographic, the company illustrates exactly how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with potential hires.

Before you jump to conclusions, consider this: 75 percent of the people who might be great for your company aren’t actively job hunting. These passive candidates will never see your job listing, because they aren’t looking for it even though they’re spending a lot of time social media. Eighty percent of employers who use social recruiting found it useful for reaching these potential hires.

When you post job listings to social media, don’t forget about that flair. Add hashtags like #jobopening so job seekers can find you even if they don’t follow your company. Betterteam suggests hosting regular Periscope Q&As to share information about your company, including information about new job openings.

Since people pass around social media posts like an office stapler, make sure your social accounts show off your personality and company culture. If you have Hawaiian Shirt Day, Instagram it. Keep these personable social posts going even if you aren’t hiring at the moment, because when the time comes to start recruiting, you want a group of followers who are eager to send you their resumes.


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